Rob has spent most of his adult life working in the media and music worlds. 

At 19 he won a competition to work for the south coast's top pop music station "Power FM" as the streetboy. That meant he spent his weekday mornings driving around the south coast being pelted with tomatoes, cycling around the Isle of Wight in banana suits and racing grannies in "The GRAN' National"; among other things. That was just the start of a successful radio career.

He's also been a big music lover all his life and has spent many years teaching and playing the drums in a number of bands, both original and covers. You can find out more on his drumming at

Back in March of 2015 he decided it might be funny to enter for Come Dine With Me, the Channel 4 TV show. He only went and won it, much to the surprise of just about everyone. 

Rob met Artemis whilst playing a gig in Reading in early 2016 and discovered Greek food was pretty amazing. That was when the idea for Seriously Greek was born. It's taken nearly a year for him to pull his finger out, but finally things are underway.